The Origin

Our name, Rose & Arrow Estate, speaks to our foundational belief in the pleasure of paradoxes, between opposing forces of love and war.

The “rose” and “arrow”, innately connected yet conflicting, each defined by the existence (or absence) of the other.

Our favorite wines make us appreciate the harmony of opposites: acid/sweet, simple/complex, solid rock/sprouting vine. The latter is where our narrative begins, as every great wine is ignited by unique tensions in the rock of its origin.

The Place

“I taste, and when I find something delicious, I dig.”

Pedro Parra
Terroir Expert

The beauty of wine originates in the connection between the vine and the soil (or, in our case, the rock). We spent years unearthing how nature creates our favorite wines, and found our answer buried in the hillsides of Willamette Valley: Tiny pleats of ancient volcanic rock, relics from 14 million years ago when rich lava formed new land atop the seabed of Western Oregon.

The Beauty

“It is not up to us to decide what the wine will taste like. It is the parcels who decide.”

Felipe Ramirez

The vines in these seven parcels, planted in pleats of preserved mother rock, carry the character of the land in its most primitive form. Our winemaker, Felipe Ramirez, liberates the vines’ instincts to produce the Pinot Noirs we love. The resulting single-origin wines embody the pleasure of paradox: a light body with a depth of complex flavors, aromas, and textures. A universal history of the hills, and the singular story of each parcel’s erosion.

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